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Valerie Lute is a writer whose short stories are forthcoming or have appeared in Arts & Letters, Literary Orphans and Contrary Magazine, among others.

She is passionate about theatre, dreams, history, mythology and the extremes of the human imagination. Her greatest desire is to use these passions to create brand new worlds that still resonate in the depths of our unconscious mind. Sometimes adults aren't interested in such big ideas, which is why she is writing a book for children.

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche



  • "Until Only the Light Remains," Arts & Letters: Forthcoming
  • "A Natural History of Headless Society," Mad Scientist Journal: Forthcoming, Autumn 2019
  • "Disjoined by Neptune's Might," Liquid Imagination: February 2019 (read online)
  • "Smoke," Southword Journal: July 2018 (buy the issue)
  • "Sprawl," Literary Orphans: July 2018 (read online)
  • "Punk Serenade," Dogzplot Flash Fiction: July 2018 (read online)
  • "The Blue of the Sky, the White of the Waves," Everyday Fiction: February 2018 (read online)
  • "Alone in this Fair Garden," The Copperfield Review: Summer 2015 (read online)
  • "The Storm," Main Street Rag: Summer 2015 (buy the issue)
  • "Ye Sons of Toil," Everyday Fiction: June 2014 (read online)
  • "Being Here," The Rusty Nail: June 2013 (buy the issue)
  • "Tough Guy," Prime Number Magazine: November 2012 (read online)


Creative Nonfiction

  • "Temple and Resort," Secret Destinations: Chatham MFA Field Seminar Writing 2003-2018
  • "The Idea of Birds," Contrary Magazine: Winter 2019 (read online)



  • "A Season Past Hell," Coffin Bell: Fall 2018 (read online)
  • "Cinderella's Brother," The Good Men Project: March 2014 (read online)
  • Three Poems, The SN Review: Summer 2009



  • "Styling Advice for Every Hair Type Written by Demons," The Higgs Weldon: March 2018 (read online)
  • "Budgeting Tips from the 1%," Defenestration: September 2016 (read online)

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