My Publications


  • “Until Only the Light Remains,” Arts & Letters: Autumn 2019 (buy the issue)
  • “A Natural History of Headless Society,” Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2019 (buy the issue)
  • “Disjoined by Neptune’s Might,” Liquid Imagination: February 2019 (read online)
  • “Smoke,” Southword Journal: July 2018 (buy the issue)
  • “Sprawl,” Literary Orphans: July 2018 (read online)
  • “Punk Serenade,” Dogzplot Flash Fiction: July 2018 (read online)
  • “The Blue of the Sky, the White of the Waves,” Everyday Fiction: February 2018 (read online)
  • “Alone in this Fair Garden,” The Copperfield Review: Summer 2015 (read online)
  • “The Storm,” Main Street Rag: Summer 2015 (buy the issue)
  • “Ye Sons of Toil,” Everyday Fiction: June 2014 (read online)
  • “Being Here,” The Rusty Nail: June 2013 (buy the issue)
  • “Tough Guy,” Prime Number Magazine: November 2012 (read online)

Creative Nonfiction

  • “Drowning in Books,” 805 Lit: July 2021 (read online)
  • “Temple and Resort,” Secret Destinations: Chatham MFA Field Seminar Writing 2003-2018
  • “The Idea of Birds,” Contrary Magazine: Winter 2019 (read online)


  • Two Prose Poems, Pensive Journal: October 2021 (read online)
  • “A Season Past Hell,” Coffin Bell: Fall 2018 (read online)
  • “Cinderella’s Brother,” The Good Men Project: March 2014 (read online)
  • Three Poems, The SN Review: Summer 2009


  • “Mice Review My Kitchen from Grad School,” Points in Case: January 2022 (read online)
  • “Styling Advice for Every Hair Type Written by Demons,” The Higgs Weldon: March 2018
  • “Budgeting Tips from the 1%,” Defenestration: September 2016 (read online)